About TDT

What are Tasty Drum Tracks?

  • Tasty Drum Tracks are full length songs (3 to 5 minutes) recorded with acoustic drums
  • Tasty Drum Tracks are mixed to stereo and ready for your parts to be added
  • Tasty Drum Tracks are arranged songs (see arrangements) that consist of only the drum part
  • Tasty Drum Tracks are recorded with a click track (metronome) but not quantized or time aligned 
  • Tasty Drum Tracks are high quality 24 bit .wav files
  • You will receive a download link with both 96khz and 48khz files
  • Please check out the technical side of things in the Technical Details

Who are Tasty Drum Tracks For?

  • Tasty Drum Tracks are for musicians, singer-songwriters, producers, or anyone who needs real acoustic drum parts with dynamics and human feel
  • Tasty Drum Tracks are for music producers who don’t have the space, time, or equipment, to record real acoustic drums
  • Tasty drum tracks are a great way to practice your instrument while following a musical arrangement

How do I use Tasty Drum Tracks?

  • Download the arrangement .pdf (this will be the road map of your new song)
  • Download the Tasty Drum Track at the sample rate of your choice (96khz or 48khz)
  • Start a new session in your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
  • Set the tempo of the new session to match the Tasty Drum Track tempo
  • Import the Tasty Drum Track
  • Align the Tasty Drum Track count off (usually 4 beats) with your metronome
  • You may find it easier to turn off the metronome and follow the Tasty Drum Track
  • You should now have a complete stereo drum track in your DAW
  • That’s it! Have fun recording your new hit!