The Studio

Technical Details

Tasty Drum Tracks are recorded using various recording techniques and setups.

Tasty Drum Tracks are mixed to various stereo perspectives from wide stereo to mono. 

This page will be updated as more Tasty Drum Tracks are added.

Series 1 setup: ID #(XXX-XXX-S01)

  • Yamaha Recording Custom 20” kick, 12” tom, 16” floor tom, 28” kick (resonant side) Snares used were Ludwig LM400, LM402, and Yamaha Recording Custom

  • Series 1 tracks were recorded in a similar style to Glyn Jonhs with a snare and kick (beater side) mic added. Coles 4050 overheads, U87 snare, Coles 4038 kick resonant, Crown PZM on floor near kick beater and under snare. Neve and Electrodyne mic peramps feeding Mytek 8X192 converters directly into Reaper as a capture device. Tracks were mixed using Cranesong Egret as DA. Outboard EQ’s were Sphere 990’s on overheads, Focusrite Red 2 on kick and snare. Each mixer channel also has a Melcor GME-20 EQ. Mix chain was Egret mixer – API 2500 – SSL Buss comp – Crane Song Hedd192 – WE119C repeat coils – Korg MR1000 DSD for final capture. Effects were various custom Bricasti M7 settings for a bit of room flavor, and some tracks have Lexicon pcm92 plate on snare.

Series 2 setup: ID #(XXX-XXX-S02)

  • Series 2 tracks were recorded with the same drums and recording chain as setup 1. The coles 4050 overheads were replaced with a Neumann SM69 (stereo) as overhead, and a Neumann TLM 103 replaced the Coles 4038 on the resonant kick.
  • Same mixdown chain as series 1 for final capture to DSD.
  • Changing to the Neumann SM69 as overhead tightens the stereo perspective and gives the cymbals a little more definition.